'juggler Aristotle posing' (140 kB), photo: Frank
Who is Aristotle?
This question would bring him into deep contemplation.
Is Aristotle a philosopher?
It's still being questioned whether he understands his own words.
Is Aristotle wise?
We haven't been able to find anyone yet, who is able to answer this question.
But we keep looking…
Then what is Aristotle?
Who has seen him will know that he:
  • seldom saw such a good juggler. ("Does he really have only two hands? I 'ld swear I saw three hands").
  • rarely saw such a variety of amusing juggling patterns.
  • was impressed by Aristotle’s (dis-)balance on the high unicycle. ("I thought he was really going to fall").
  • was charmed by Aristotle’s contact with the audience.
  • had to laugh because of Aristotle.
  • has seen a craftsman at work.
But whether Aristotle knows all this…

Often heard remarks:
  • "Would he be just as crazy at home".
  • "Hey, you lost a wheel".
  • " - ".
  • "Oh, I can do that myself".
  • "Oh no, probably not".
  • "Hey, can you take me for a ride".

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